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Price is always a factor and it has many variables. The largest of which are location, the experience of your dentist and the procedures necessary. Typically a smile make over will entail several procedures into one package. This will include items like teeth whitening or bleaching, crowns, veneers, bridges and teeth implants.

Indeed, before the process even starts the costs of orthodontics may be added. If there are crooked or misaligned teeth, the price of Invisalign Dental braces, which run from $4000 to $7000 US, may be included. Some patients may require other preliminary approaches, such as gum contouring ($1000-$2500).

Restoration prices in glamsmile cosmetic dentistry will include many procedures. These total prices may include porcelain veneers, which are approximately $900 per tooth. This covers teeth that do not respond well to bleaching. Then the teeth that are not rework able may need crowns, these will cost at least $1000 per tooth and often as much as $2500.

Different regions and countries will have different rates. A good supply of aesthetic dentists in the area is a good sign for finding a better price. Metro areas may be more expensive than rural areas by as much as 30%. Some people will travel to other countries and cities to find better deals. Please remember: just because a dentist is cheap does not mean that it’s worth the additional cost of having the work fixed by another dentist.

The best way to find your total cost is to visit a local cosmetic dentistry Melbourne and get an itemized price list for the procedure you need. Also, in addition to various costs, you may find a dentist with a novel way of approaching your problem that helps the overall cost and also procedures a good result. Many dentists may offer free consultations which can further increase you savings.